Does your life carry you where it may?

Why is life so hard? Why do these things always happen to me? Why can't I ever get what I want? How did I end up here? We all ask ourselves these questions. Life happens, it's just what it does. It keeps moving whether you are on board or not.

We all have the choice to create the waves of our lives with intent, or to let the drift carry us where it may, bruised, battered and lost. So why not choose deliberate direction?

Why not shift the drift?

Shifting the Drift, LLC is an umbrella organization formed with the vision of always creating lives and work of intention, the waves of which I hope will carry ripples further than I could ever imagine. All of my personal work will be done as part of this organization, including strategic Internet consulting, writing, training & education and speaking events. Feel free to contact me here.

Recent Work & Projects

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Read the article on the Carnegie Mellon School of Design Web site

My Book with Foreword by Jeffrey Eisenberg

"Demystifying the Internet so you can be the Master of your online Universe". The goal of this first release in a multi-part series is to blast through this barrier of mysterious unknowns using common language and humor. Feel empowered to tackle whatever Internet project comes your way. So roll up your sleeves and let's kick some Internet ass! Available for purchase NOW!


Deja Jewel  

Deja Jewel: Wear the beauty that lies within

I've turned my jewelry obsession and bargain hunting prowess into a business. I scour the internet for the best sterling silver gemstone jewelry bargains, providing reviews and links from I also throw kick-ass home jewelry parties (like tupperware but less LAME).


Buy Carissa Photos  

Carissa Vivirito Photography

Many of my recent fine art photographs are now available for purchase online. Buy prints as large as 18" x 24" starting at $25. Purchase my photos online


Downward Dog Days Logo  

Downward Dog Days

Yoga practice for a cause. Has an animal ever warmed your heart? Isn't it wonderful that they love us no matter who we are what we do? It is in this same nature of unconditional love that the Downward Dog Days project was created.