How I Shifted My Drift

Carissa Vivirito

I sense that I've always been on a slightly different drift than most people, at rare times very connected to the drift of my life, but more often than not, just along for the ride and bitching the whole time.

That is, until early 2007, the start of my 30th year alive.

On a trip to Mexico at the turn of this New Year, 2007, the questions I have been pondering for quite some time began to take center stage.


  • Why, after all the success I have achieved in my short 29 years here, am I left feeling an overwhelming sense of boredom and dissatisfaction?
  • Where is my passion and my liveliness? I have glimpses at times, most often in nature, but my everyday life leaves me feeling unfulfilled and blah.
  • This can't just all be in my head, or an effect of my "manic depressive disorder"; something bigger is at work here, these are signs for me. Life should be amazing, as it was when I was a child. A world of wonder, delight and laughter.


I began doing some investigative reading for myself including works by Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch. I began having conversations with others about my thoughts and what they may mean. I was introduced to Landmark Education by a friend and saw this methodology as a means to get at these answers I sought.

With the attention and focus I gave myself over the following 6 months, I was able to accomplish the following:


  • Left my 60-hour+ a week full-time job for 10-hour work weeks from home for over a year, and now full-time working for an amazing animal welfare non-profit organization
  • Wrote a book in four days of September 2007 with an endorsement from NY Times bestselling author Jeffrey Eisenberg of Future Now Inc.
  • Awaking each day with an attitude I had as a child, excited, engaged and in awe of a life with nothing but a world of potential and fun ahead of me


I have been able to let go of the deep and painful resentment I carried around with me every day for not doing what truly makes me happy.

I realize now that the fear of doing what I truly wanted was debilitating. My daily inner negotiations to take the jump left me full of anger, stress and unease.

Now that I've jumped, I can fly wherever I wish to...